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The Song of Bast - Part One

Tydligen så började jag fila på den här lilla novellen redan 2010 :) och på engelska (till råga på allt!!) Här kommer första delen - Enjoy!!


The Song of Bast

Names in this story (this far):
Tom Sparv, father of Alicia.
Kerstin Sparv, mother of Alicia.
Alicia Sparv, a young girl.
Patricia, a mother to be.
Patrick Peterson, First pilot.
Stefan Ström, co-pilot.
Mikael Storm, investogator.
Olivia Gren, investogator,
Kornelia Lind, archeologist.

May 1st 2010.
The people in the airplane looked frightened and terrified, their eyes wide with fear and the tears on their faces said it all. Never had they thought that just This would happen to them. Not in a million years. But right now they all were in the middle of it.

And this is how it all started: In the middle of the otherwise just a normal flight inlands, three hijackers had shown up and they were now in control of the plane. It was an ordinary plane, going from Stockholm to Gothenburg, but now it had turned into what the hijackers called a weapon. They would use the plane and crash it right into the government building in Stockholm.

‘It is NineEleven all over!’ a passenger thought as he hugged his wife and child closer to him. They were not going to get out of this alive, the man was sure of it. He looked up as one of the hijackers came closer and with a look that spoke of horror he watched the hijacker slap the man’s crying child over her face, rendering her unconscious. The ring the hijacker wore tore up a fleshy, and heavily bleeding wound on the girl’s face.

“Keep the brat quiet from now on or I will kill her!” snarled the man and waved his machine gun in the father’s face.

The father nodded, knowing that the hijacker would probably make do of his threat. ‘As if we are not dead already?’  The thought ran through the man’s head and he felt a need to relieve his bladder. Never had he been so scared in his life. And the pure knowledge of knowing that they would all be dead within a few hours, well, anyone normal would feel the need to piss their pants!

The mother cried softly to God, hoping beyond hope that someone would come and save them. She could feel the helplessness and terror that her husband felt at the moment. Their girl had been struck hard and she feared for her little girl’s life at the moment but she didn’t dare to move or do anything. She could only pray. She prayed that something would happen that would save them from this certain death. Her husband hugged her close as he tried to get his daughter to come back to the conscious world. ‘Oh dear heavenly mother, please protect us!!’'

The hijacker snorted as he watched over the sniveling crowd of people. They were pathetic in his eyes, they were weak, but within the hour or so they would all be gone and he would walk through the gates of Paradise and be welcomed by winged virgins. And with winged virgins, it meant that they would take care of his every wish. Just as his leader had told him. His leader had promised him a place in heaven. The hijacker smiled viciously as he licked his lips. Oh yes, how he longed for those heavenly virgins to take care of his every need.

His fingers searched his pockets and found a packet of cigarettes. With ease he lit one cigarette and blew out the grey smoke with an evil grin as he continued to imagine what would happen to him once he had entered paradise. He failed to see the mystical woman that suddenly appeared behind him, looking at his back with curious dark eyes.

But the father of the beaten child saw the woman as did many other people in the cabin. They saw her stand there with a dark cape that had been pulled over her head. She looked very young, not a day over twenty five. They could see two thick braids coming down over her shoulders and her head was a bit tilted. She looked as if she wondered over something. If those who saw her didn’t know any better, they would say she looked as if she was curious.

’What is she doing??!’ the father thought wildly and he could feel panic rise inside him as the woman behind the hijacker took a step closer and raised her hand and suddenly tapped the man on his shoulder. ‘She is going to get herself killed!!! Oh please, God!! Stop her!!!’ But the father’s God was not listening as the woman suddenly was in the hijacker’s line of fire.

The hijacker turned on his heals with his weapon raised to whoever was disturbing him. He had no qualms about killing this person. And kill him he would. He hated to be disturbed when he was fantasizing about what was going to happen in the afterlife. Things he was sure he would be able to enjoy. His leader had assured him that he was going directly to Paradise if he did this.

What he saw made him wonder if one of the heavenly virgins had come early to greet him into Paradise because the woman he saw looking at him with eyes that were like dark jade pearls, those eyes were like nothing he had seen before. She was dark skinned, but her eyes shone with a dark green color. The only thing he could think of was jade. Imperial Jade.


Mer finns att läsas.... 
Men detta är början... vad tycker ni?? 
Bra, dåligt? 

Jag är ingen engelsklärare, så om det är grammatiskt fel nånstans så hojta gärna till så kan jag rätta till det och lära av misstagen. 

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